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- A quick guide to PG in travel and tourism course
- Things to look for while selecting the top ranked business schools in India
- Get admission in top colleges for civil engineering in Pune for achieving the level of excellence
- MBA programs in India for working professionals- Empowering the next generation of leaders
- Make a wise decision to get admission in best MCA institutes in Ghaziabad

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 A quick guide to PG in travel and tourism course Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Tourism is one of the leading and important sectors contributing to the country’s economic growth. The demand of travel and tourism professionals is rising consistently and pursuing PG in travel and tourism management program is the best option to become successful.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:
• Do you desire to expand your career options and learn about tourist destinations, tourism enterprises, and current issues in the global tourism area?
• Do you have a passion for travel and tourism and working with people?
• Do you want a flying start in life and wish to pursue a bright career in hospitality industry?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then pursuing PG in travel and tourism would be the best career option for you. Having a post graduate diploma in travel and tourism management would serve as passport to a world of exciting career opportunities.

Postgraduate diploma in travel and tourism
Post graduate diploma course in travel and tourism has attained high popularity in the last few years due to its diverse and engaging work sphere. It’s a comprehensive course offering a combination of general management skills and specialized knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. It offers deep insights of practices, theories and business models, and prepares the candidates for a bright career in the travel and tourism industry. The course helps the participants to learn about tourism enterprises and their effective operations. In this program, a candidate also gets the opportunity to complete an industry research project in one of the top tourism companies, enabling them to forge crucial relationships with potential employers in the industry. It also provides the management knowledge and skills required to successfully work and manage sustainable tourism operations. The curriculum of the PG in travel and tourism management program is designed to meet the educational requirements of the future executives and managers.

Top colleges providing PG diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
There are many institutes in India offering PGDM in travel and tourism management program. The leading colleges provide world class management studies with state-of-the-art infrastructure and best resources to their candidates to develop them as future professionals and managers. Teaching methods of this course at top colleges include a mix of case studies, seminars, field trips; web based training, simulation exercises as well as workshops etc. Moreover, the course curriculum offered by these top schools is rigorous, contemporary and industry-oriented, which is regularly analyzed and updated according to the needs of the industry. Some of the leading institutes offering this program are as follows:
• The School of Excellence – Mumbai
• Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies – Kerala
• Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management – Bhubaneswar
• National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management – Hyderabad

Career opportunities
After pursuing PG in travel and tourism program, you can work as event manager, ticketing officer, tour operator, event manager, field officer, adventure tourism expert, and also in cargo services, logistics, airlines, hotels, transport agencies, tourism departments and many more.

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 Things to look for while selecting the top ranked business schools in India Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Getting started is often the most difficult part- be it starting a new business or applying to the top ranked business schools in India. The first step to apply for a management program is to decide which schools to apply.  Business degrees are the most popular studies offered by the top universities and institutes, and with the globalization and growth projected in the job sector, everyone would agree that studying business education is an investment of the future.

Whether you are applying for the undergraduate course or the postgraduate program or diploma, choosing the right business school plays a vital role in deciding about the future. Here are many things to consider while choosing the top ranked business schools in India:

·         Inspiring faculty:  A good business school has the most qualified and talented faculty and researchers from the globe. These top talents have the complete knowledge and experience to effectively teach the aspiring business leaders of future.  Besides teaching from a theoretical standpoint, faculties at top ranked business schools in India give emphasis on the application to the real world business issues.

·         Choice of subjects and majors:  Business has many areas and those studying the business programs can choose their degrees with different specializations. It is important for you to choose the school that offers different subjects and majors that will address your goal through the best business degree program. If you are planning to start your own venture, then it is important to choose the school offering the foundation business courses and specialization in entrepreneurship.

·         Flexibility:  Flexibility is highly important for the working professionals and students having other responsibilities.  If you are one among such people, consider business schools offering programs that require less on-campus time.

·         Freedom: Top ranked business schools in India mimic the business environment for students by supporting critical thinking, a healthy competition, innovation and creativity.

·         Student support: The best business school will always support and assist you from the day one when you consider applying for the program. The support can be in the form of getting the right information regarding the institute or program or to something complex such as looking for the job.

·         Reputation: A school’s reputation is its overall ranking among top business schools. Most ranking lists quality of education, faculty, student support, flexibility, research and career support.  You should think what matters to you while considering the reputation of the institute.

Well known and top ranked business schools in India such as TAPMI ( T.A. Pai Management Institute), Manipal in Karnataka would be the first to come in mind while thinking about the good reputation and ranking of the institute.  It is one of the top ranked business schools in India which is established with a vision of creating the future business leaders.

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 Get admission in top colleges for civil engineering in Pune for achieving the level of excellence Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Study of engineering helps to develop theoretical as well as practical knowledge. As engineering mainly involves application of mathematics, it develops numeracy, logical skills and problem solving skills in the students. There are many different areas of specialization in the study of engineering. Some of the common areas that have been included in the top colleges for engineering in Pune are chemical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, informational technology, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and electronics and telecommunication engineering etc.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering ranks very high amongst various engineering degrees. Civil engineering includes the designing, construction and maintenance of everything and anything, ranging from buildings to roads to bridges and dams. Candidates of civil engineering are taught to tackle all aspects of designing, planning and construction of projects. Pune has become the hot favorite destination of engineering and management aspirants. There are several leading colleges for civil engineering in Pune offering best quality education and placement opportunities to the students.

Students learn the fundamentals of hydraulics, project management, structures, foundations, irrigation and cost transportation. Sub-disciplines of civil engineering like urban planning, materials sciences, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, structural engineering, artificial intelligence and neutral networks etc take you on a fascinating journey of discovery. The students who desire to pursue civil engineering should have sharp reasoning and analytical mind. 

About Top civil engineering colleges
There are some of the top colleges for civil engineering in Pune who encourage candidates to think, design, construct and maintain infrastructure innovatively. The curriculum of top civil engineering colleges offer exposure to key subjects like environmental engineering, transportation engineering, water resources and hydraulics engineering, structural engineering and geo technical engineering etc.

Moreover, state-of-the-art laboratories and other facilities are also provided to the students in these institutes so as to enable candidates to understand the concepts of civil engineering deeply. In order to help candidates to achieve holistic personality, the learning process in the top civil engineering colleges is focused around technical skills and their applicability. The faculties of top civil engineering colleges are highly qualified and experienced, and possess high interest in research and innovation.

Eligibility criterion for admission in civil engineering college
The candidate must have a valid score in MHTCET or JEE mains. Besides this, student should be a citizen of India and have passed 10+2 with mathematics and physics as compulsory subjects along with any one from Biology, Chemistry, Vocational and Technical subject with minimum 50% aggregate marks. A 3 Year diploma passed candidate or B.Sc. passed candidate from recognized college or university with minimum 50% percent marks is also eligible to apply for civil engineering colleges.

If you are looking for top civil engineering colleges in India, MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE) in Pune is the right choice. The institute has become one of the best Colleges for Civil Engineering in Pune offering best faculty, innovative learning, vast opportunities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and newest curriculum. If you want to get to know more about admission procedure and course details, visit official website of MITAOE.

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 MBA programs in India for working professionals- Empowering the next generation of leaders Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

MBA programs in India for working professionals are designed to give them the insight of corporate world and implementing the same while working. The main aim of such programs is to develop the skills of professionals in specific fields and get valuable return in the near future. In India, there are a number of MBA colleges and business schools that offer several post graduate management programs including MBA programs for executives.  Generally working professionals do take part in such programs to attain top leadership positions in an organization. These programs are specifically designed to prepare creative managers and business leaders of tomorrow who can create value for businesses.

Goals of MBA programs in India for working professionals

MBA programs in India for working professionals at leading institutes familiarize students with organizational, social, economic, market and other impediments with a combination of knowledge, abilities and insight to overcome or face such impediments. These programs aim to train students in:

·         Latest paradigms in different functional areas like marketing operations, finance and information management etc.

·         Entrepreneurship, innovation and effectuation skills

·         Leadership skills and strategic mindset

·         Ethical skills

·         Analytical and critical thinking skills

Curriculum of MBA programs in India for working professionals   at top institutes enables students to attain competencies required to manage, build and lead the latest trends of modern businesses.

Benefits of MBA programs for working professionals

·         Shaping strategies: Working on different business strategies is must for any business to work successfully. Thinking about complex business issues will result in greater ability in tackling any problem.

·         Contributing to current business trends:  MBA programs for working professionals give great exposure to changing trends of businesses at global level. Working in global business environment during internship helps students to understand about the frequent changes in businesses.

·         Develop strong leadership skills:  These programs nurture the leadership skills of the business professionals and focus on improved communication and development skills.

MBA programs in India for working professionals do not restrict candidates to above benefits and there is much more than these courses offer. Each institute offering these programs enables students to have positive impact in their professions. These programs cover subjects like management, HR system, IT, supply chain and marketing etc. Moreover practical knowledge is provided rather than focusing on theoretical aspects. During these programs, students also work with non-profit organizations to address a range of business challenges.

Woxsen Schools of Business, Hyderabad is one of the top institutes offering MBA programs in India for working professionals. The institute also offers internship as a part of curriculum in 1st year PGPXP program. Internship program affords the students an opportunity to test-drive new business paths and to gain a real-world experience on the changing trends. Those who have a graduate degree with 2 years full time post-qualification experience can apply for this program at the institute. Scores in GMAT, GRE, CAT, MAT, XMAT etc. are also considered for admission .

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 Make a wise decision to get admission in best MCA institutes in Ghaziabad Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Masters in Computer Applications, popularly known as MCA, came into existence with emerging demand and need of computer based system and Information Technology in day to day life. Growing usage of computers in all the spheres of human venture has led to the boom of this course. The program is considered to be a crucial source of human resource for the software industry. There are some best MCA institutes in Ghaziabad that provide courses in designing information systems for hotels, hospitals, banks, insurance companies and other industries.

MCA is a postgraduate program which focuses on the emerging field of modern computing like web designing, system programming, application development, database management, artificial intelligence and digital marketing etc. The course provides a sound practical as well as theoretical experience and exposure to students in the relevant areas. This training course aims to develop young minds for the challenging opportunities in IT sector.

Best MCA colleges
MCA program at best institutes aims to equip candidates with advanced applications, tools and technologies in IT to meet the ever increasing requirement of IT professionals. Best MCA institutes use updated teaching pedagogy and also train the candidates with presentation, analytical, technical and communication skills. The curriculum of MCA programs at these institutes is regularly analyzed and updated to meet the industry standards. Moreover, best MCA colleges also provide practical classes, guest lectures, project work, seminars, workshops, technical training, and best placement opportunities to their students, so as to make them industry ready. To provide them crucial real world experience, these colleges also offer an internship program to their candidates.

Objectives of MCA program
MCA program aims at imparting comprehensive knowledge to the students with equal focus on practice and theory. The primary objectives of this postgraduate course are as follows:

·         Offer research training

·         Train industry future specialists

·         Involve candidates in innovative research

·         Create technological awareness

·         Encourage effective and productive software development

·         Grooming young minds in computer science by developing communication, professional and technical skills.



Job roles after pursuing an MCA degree
An MCA graduate has exceptional computer skills to develop computer applications, maintain and repair these applications and understand various computer languages. Hence, they would be a fit for the following roles:


·         Web developer and Designer

·         Tester

·         Troubleshooter

·         Hardware engineer

·         Software developer

·         Programmer

·         System analyst

Integrated Academy of Management and Technology (INMANTEC) is one of the best MCA Institutes in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh that strives to groom computer professionals to meet the demands of the industries. The institute offers a full time 3 year MCA program that aims to produce trained people who can successfully meet the needs burgeoning IT industry. If you want to gather more information about MCA admission process and other details, visit the official website of INMANTEC.

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